Saturday Makeup: Before & After


Today I decided on a dramatic eye. I have slightly hooded eyelids, so the skin between my eyelid and my eyebrow is quite flat. I used different shades of brown to create a dramatic eyebrow arch and make that part of my eye look more dimensional.

DSC096601 700x465 Saturday Makeup: Before & After

DSC096661 700x465 Saturday Makeup: Before & After

As always, I highlighted the inner eye tear duct area with some shimmery eyeshadow and added a thin winged liner. I used my go-to peach blush also, and did a little bit of subtle contouring with bronzer. On my lips is a warm pink shade – the result of mixing a coppery lipstick with a pink gloss. I make it up as I go!

ba1 700x460 Saturday Makeup: Before & After

You may also notice that my foundation is a tad darker than my skin tone… I’m living in denial and it’s a nightmare to blend! One day in the sun could fix this for me (fingers crossed for tomorrow’s softball tournament).

My eyeliner today is liquid rather than gel and significantly thinner as a result. I’m liking it a lot. Maybe this will be my new normal.

DSC096841 700x330 Saturday Makeup: Before & After

DSC09675 700x430 Saturday Makeup: Before & After