Easy braided shoelace wrap bracelet


braided shoelace cuff bracelet 700x464 Easy braided shoelace wrap bracelet

Most people close to me (and everyone who subscribes to me on Facebook) will know that I am obsessed with crafts lately. It started with a bit of crocheting and has progressed to candle-making, jewellery, beading, and basically anything that I can get my hands on.

Today I was cleaning out my craft box to make way for some new eBay goodies and came across three lonely shoelaces. I always seem to have random shoelaces lying around. I decided I’d put them to good use.

What you need

  • three shoelaces
  • scissors
  • lighter

I started by tying all three shoelaces together and proceeded to braid them, making sure to turn the laces towards the centre as I braided. After tying both ends together and ended up with something like this:

braided shoelaces 700x466 Easy braided shoelace wrap bracelet

I had to fiddle with the knot a little as I tested to see how many times the braid would wrap around my wrist. I wanted it kind of snug so I had to move the knot up a bit.

A quick snip of the scissors and off come the aglets (yes, the ends of shoelaces have a name!).

trim shoelace ends 700x465 Easy braided shoelace wrap bracelet

Then, to prevent the edges from fraying, I melted them with a lighter. Note: just get the shoelace close to the flame – don’t put it right in!

singe shoelaces to prevent fraying 700x465 Easy braided shoelace wrap bracelet

And that’s it! Enjoy your super easy new bracelet!

finished shoelace bracelet 700x567 Easy braided shoelace wrap bracelet

  • http://www.ettika.com/Bracelets/Beaded/ Beaded Bracelets

    I like the colour combination looks amazing…..and the use of shoe laces in the bracelet is unbelieveable.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Dianne.M.Adams Dianne McArthur Adams

    This is perfect. I have dozens of pairs of laces, and I need a monthly craft to do with kids at a detention center. Hooray!