Rachel visits Bath


My softball friend, Rachel (also a blogger!), came to visit last weekend. She doesn’t play softball anymore and she lives in Cardiff, so we hardly ever see each other :(

DSC08832 700x1051 Rachel visits Bath

When she arrived, we headed to The Cork in Bath for a gastro pub lunch. The food prices seemed to have increased since I was last there but it’s always been quite good food. I decided on ragu pasta with walnut pesto that was really tasty but just far, far too oily.

Ragu pesto pasta 700x465 Rachel visits Bath

Rachel had a cheese and pickle sandwich, which I think she enjoyed. I stole a chip so I can vouch for those :). Every single pub in Bath now serves sandwiches on boards, though, which I really can’t stand. For the record, every sandwich I’ve had in The Cork has been pretty good.

Cheese and pickle sandwich 700x465 Rachel visits Bath

After lunch, we headed home for a while to relax and watch a bit of tv before heading back into Bath for drinks.

Chris really wanted a mojito so we headed to Door 34 where they make them the best.

DSC08843 700x465 Rachel visits Bath

Miles joined us at Door 34 and ordered himself a Hurricane which received a solid two thumbs up from him.

Hurricane 700x1051 Rachel visits Bath

Rachel and I moved on to some other delicious rum cocktails.

DSC08853 700x465 Rachel visits Bath

DSC08860 700x465 Rachel visits Bath

… and before long, Miles upped the quantity of his Hurricane!

DSC08855 700x1051 Rachel visits Bath

After some good conversation and tasty cocktails, we decided to catch a taxi home. We noticed that Subway was still open (they’re seemingly open until 3am on weekends now) so we bought a footlong Italian BMT with “lots of pickles, please” and toasted it in the oven when we got home. Best. idea. ever.

DSC08868 700x465 Rachel visits Bath

On Sunday, we woke up bright and early to the sound of Bradford-on-Avon’s church bells. It was the day of the Bath Half Marathon and some of my friends were running in it (including Chris’s brother) so we caught the train back to Bath.

My heart sank when we saw the queue for the ticket machine and the hundred or so people waiting on the platform to Bath. The conductor let us all on the train, though, and we all stood in the corridors on the first class cars. Upon arrival, we were ushered out of the train station via the car park at the end of the platform, so we didn’t even have to buy our train tickets – always a great start to the day!

The first order of business was breakfast and Rachel was itching to try the Eggs Benedict at Wild Café that I wrote about recently. Chris and I don’t go anywhere else for breakfast now and even recommend Wild Café to all of our Milsom View guests.

Coffee 700x465 Rachel visits Bath

Eggs benedict 700x465 Rachel visits Bath

The only thing that bugs me is when they swap the ham for bacon and don’t tell me about it when I’m ordering. The menu says ham, the ham is preferable to bacon, but bacon is pretty good, too. I’d just like a heads up if you’re going to serve it different to how it’s described in the menu.

Oh, and I haven’t written about it before, but we also got a side of avocado toast. If you like avocados, you’ll love the avocado toast.

DSC08874 700x465 Rachel visits Bath

After breakfast, we headed nearby to Queen Square to watch the Bath Half Marathon. My favourite costume was a Bath Tap. Get it?

DSC08883 700x465 Rachel visits Bath

There were some interesting costumes to keep us spectators laughing.

DSC08877 700x465 Rachel visits Bath

A cricketer ran by wearing full gear, including shin guards and carrying a bat. I also liked the Village People:

DSC08889 700x700 Rachel visits Bath

We saw some of our friends but I didn’t get any good photos of them. Sorry guys!

Chilled to the bone after spectating for so long, we headed down to Gascoyne Place to warm up over some diet cokes. Our marathon-running friends trickled in for lunch, but we didn’t have reservations so we headed to Mission Burrito, another favourite of mine.

There we witnessed some half marathon runners finishing El Triple (a £15, triple-sized burrito). They each finished the challenge, received t-shirts and got their names onto the hall of fame wall.

Whew! We barely managed our normal burritos!

DSC08893 700x465 Rachel visits Bath

But they were oh-so-good, especially with a drizzle of Cholula Chipotle sauce on every bite.

DSC08896 700x465 Rachel visits Bath

What a weekend of indulgence! Now it’s time for salads and celery; I have a wedding dress to shop for!!

  • http://twitter.com/miametro sarah mia

    I haven’t been to Bath in so long (not since my 21st birthday and I’m going to be 30 in June, yikes). Yay for burritos! :) Love getting recommendations from people who live there, it makes it so much more fun to revisit a place. I think I’ll have to plan a trip soon!

    • amymahon

      Definitely… Bath is a great place, especially once you find all the hidden gems. I also run a holiday let in the centre, if you need a place to stay :)

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