Sixth Anniversary Weekend

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This weekend, we celebrated our sixth anniversary. It also marks one year until we tie the knot, because we’ve chosen to get married on our date-versary!

On Friday night, we hit up Chimichanga for dinner along with friends Tessa & Stos. I swear, we’re singlehandedly keeping the Bath branch in business! I had the rib-eye steak and it was TASTY.

IMG 4738 700x937 Sixth Anniversary Weekend

Saturday involved Chris taking me for a surprise fancy meal. We got all dressed up and I took the annual Chris & Pipsqueak photo:

DSC08327 700x1052 Sixth Anniversary Weekend

Chris and I then posed for one ourselves while Pips jumped behind the lens:

DSC08324 700x465 Sixth Anniversary Weekend

Off we went! The destination ended up being Castle Combe Manor, which is my dream wedding venue (and, sadly, way out of our budget).

DSC08351 700x465 Sixth Anniversary Weekend

I visited Castle Combe on my very first ever trip to England in 2007! It’s the type of place where rich people land their helicopters out front and pop in for tea.

Our meal was amazing, but I’m getting ahead of myself. We started with a cocktail in the bar. I had a cosmo and Chris had a mojito (surprise, surprise).

DSC08329 700x1051 Sixth Anniversary Weekend

Even the coasters were gorgeous.

We decided on the 7 course tasting menu and a bottle of Nyetimber (English Champagne), which has a stupid name but actually rivals French Champagne in taste. We’re converted!

First up was an Amuse Bouche which was frothy, tomatoey and had bits of bacon in the bottom.

DSC08332 700x465 Sixth Anniversary Weekend

Next came scallops, which I didn’t photograph because I hate seafood. An extra course for Chris!

After that we had a duck liver paté which had its own piece of delicious (likely deep-fried) toast to accompany it. There were other little tasty bursts on the plate, too: onions, beetroot, carrot purée and more.

DSC08334 700x465 Sixth Anniversary Weekend

After the paté, there was another fish course (turbot, I think?) which Chris insisted wasn’t a “fishy fish” so that I would try it. It tasted pretty fishy. Another bonus course for Chris!

Next, we had lamb with cauliflower risotto. Those cubes on the left were chocolate, which was …interesting. I don’t think it harmonized, but the lamb was to die for.

DSC08336 700x465 Sixth Anniversary Weekend

Pre-dessert was a sorbet and then dessert was a chocolate ice cream.

Overall, the menu was really light. We didn’t leave absolutely stuffed as many tasting menus tend to do, so it was nice to be able to enjoy our coffee and petit fours.

DSC08340 700x465 Sixth Anniversary Weekend

DSC08339 700x1051 Sixth Anniversary Weekend

The brilliant menu was totally upstaged by the pianist, though. He was a young (early 20s?) guy who played Beyoncé, Jay-Z & Alicia Keys, Mumford & Sons, Coldplay, Bruno Mars, Bryan Adams and more, all in chilled out arrangements well-suited to the atmosphere. We had so much fun guessing the song that we grabbed his business card before heading home!

Sunday morning, we were feeling a little sluggish. It was a nice enough day, so we decided to go and walk around Lacock – also one of the first places that I visited in England back in 2007!

DSC08389 700x465 Sixth Anniversary Weekend

I love Lacock Abbey, and not just because it was used in the Harry Potter films (although that does make it even cooler).

DSC02378 700x1051 Sixth Anniversary Weekend

DSC08364 700x465 Sixth Anniversary Weekend

DSC08365 700x465 Sixth Anniversary Weekend

DSC08358 700x465 Sixth Anniversary Weekend

The upper floor of the Abbey was open to the public and we had never been up there before. It was one of those National Trust properties where the volunteers give you the evil eye as though you have touched something or used your camera flash when you actually haven’t. I don’t linger long in places like that, interested as I may be in it.

Before long, we found ourselves in Quintessentially English, a store that usually doubles as home to a black cat (very quintessentially English, if you ask me). The attic is wonky, rustic and filled with all sorts of vintage housewares.

DSC08386 700x465 Sixth Anniversary Weekend

Miraculously, we didn’t buy anything! Instead, we grabbed some Chupa-chups from a bakery and strolled around town.

Eventually, we justified the previous night’s indulgence and headed home for some humble quesadillas and an episode of The Hotel. A weekend well spent!

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